Carnival of the Animals

Wow....check this out!! This show sounds pretty fun!

This is especially great for Red, Orange, and Yellow Roomers. Each year the Orange Roomers study The Carnival of the Animals in Music class. Maybe I'll see you there. :)

You're Invited

Everyone is invited to hear the BNS Choirs and Instrumental Ensemble perform starting at 5:30 pm on June 1st (Arts Night). Feel free to bring a picnic and/or enjoy the music...and then the artwork....and then more music. See you then!
See the Before/After School Music tab for information about the last trimester of Choirs and Instrumental Ensemble for this school year! Registration is open now! Thanks!
Check out some of the great musical compositions written by the Music in Film students. Find selections in the Purple Electives tab.

Come see our ensembles perform at the BNS Chocolate Party on February 11th.
Check the Before/After School tab for Choir and Instrumental Ensemble information. Information about private lessons will be available soon. Thanks!
Music in Film projects 

Music in Film students have been hard at work composing music to accompany various videos and photographic pictures. Check out some of their amazing compositions by clicking the link above. There are 4 videos that are made without a video image...just sound. Please click on those to listen, and click on other videos to watch visual images with music. MIF students have worked diligently on making their music match one of the key qualities of music in film. Those are to set the mood for a scene, depict a certain character, evoke emotion, or reflect a certain time/place in the film. See if you can tell what the aim of each piece of music could be from the list above. :) Enjoy!! (And as this is my first time trying to share videos and such through a blog I hope it works.)